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Welcome to

Clown Town :o)

Population: You + others


You found my secret lair where I make my evil concoctions (and share some of my evil silly interests and such :3c)

Apologies for the mess, hopefully this site map can help > <

Here's some fun facts about me :)

I'm majoring in computer science and thought I should learn more computer languages for fun instead of for school (rn I know some amount of Python, C++, and Java but I'm still kind of a beginner). I don't think I've used GeoCities but I like how people are making the internet more personalized so I made this site :3c

This site is going to be edited ALOT. I work on this by jumping around from different things without really completing any one thing first lol. There's no real "blueprint" so to say for it's design or content so everything is going to keep changing. Most pages might have some broken gifs, links, ect so apologies for that!

Also because I made this to practice HMTL and CSS (and also make something silly :] ), the layout is more or less made by me. Graphic design is a passion but definitely not a skill

The only real goal for this site is to make it swag and reflect aesthetics and topics I like so yeah alot of art, tech, and general media I like :3c

Oh! I also like to go by Fuzzy online hence the site's name :3c


March 2023

- Ah, ok! The main page is looks better! Been busy with school but I'll update this site here and there. Still want this to be where I code for fun, just need some ideas for the other pages

- Haven't updated this site much, but one thing to do (eventually) is to change all of the pixel alignments to percentages to make the layout more consistent

February 2023

- Currently working on the main page to match the layout to this rough design

- This will probably be updated again lol just need something a little more intresting. I guess I want the site overall to have a cluttered, chotic feel but still be legible? Probably gotta add some custom graphics also

- Might add more widgets... maybe

- Also really need to work on Media Mansion since it's blank sorry

- Also also should probably add a custom font

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