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The Lost Media Wiki - A popular site for lost media but I also wanted to add the live action film, Fullmetal Fantasy, which stars the voice actors from the original English dub

The Cutting Room Floor - Cut and changed content from video games

Supper Mario Broth - Super Mario facts

VGM Sound Sources - A database of music sources used in video games

PidgiWiki - Official video game art

Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance - Various video game wikis

OoCities - GeoCities archive

The VG Resource - Various stuff from video game like sprites, ect


Keyboard shortcuts for MS Paint

RedKetchup - Color Picker



Character Generator!

Figurosity - Figure drawing poses

Plushify - Create a plushie patten from a 3d model

Shake Art - Drawing program that adds animated shaky lines

A Geometric Approach to Making Plushie Patterns - Plushie pattern making tutorial

Random Art Prompt Generator

Silk - Abstract art program

Pose Serch - Really good for finding reference photos for a specific pose

Ascii Emojis

dysfunc / ascii-emoji

The Kawaii Face



OFF - Fandom Wiki page for different downloads of the game OFF (original and fan translations). Personally recommend version 3 for the English translation since that's what I've played. Play it if you like somewhat creepy, puzzle games with a really distinct art style and story
(Update didn't realize this game is fairly popular, still play it!!!)

Bluemaxima's Flashpoint - An archive of MANY Flash games and animations. Download it! Flash games are fun! Personally recommend the Canterlot Siege games by futzi01!

Lain video game - A fan translation of the Lain Playstation game. Haven't played it but it seems fun lol (SARCASM, this game has a content warning for a reason!)

Pony Town - A My Little Pony Themed MMO. Recommended if you like chatting or character customizers

These are all dress up games lol

Mega Anime Avatar Creator

eLouai's Candybar 5 Girl Doll Maker

Female Furry Dollmaker

Male Furry Dollmaker


Online Image Editor - Really good Photo and Gif editor. I use it to edit some of the gifs on here to have glitter, transparent backgrounds, ect. Really recommend it

PhotoMosh - Photo and Gif editor

Kapwing - Video editor

Waifu2X! - Photo scaler


Bongo Cat

* GIFYPET * - Digital pet you can add to your website

tamanotchi - Another digital pet you can add to your website

Wonder of Wonder Art - Paper doll dance thing(?) Main site has a bunch of other toys but major warning for flashing (main site only, this one should be safe tho)

DONGs - Miscellaneous Sites

Online Kalimba - Play a Kalimba on Youtube with the number keys

SAM Software Automatic Mouth


Gamer Motivation Profile - Good for working out what video game styles and elements you might like

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quiz


Holidaygirl1225's blog! - A cute blog by some gal

Scene Kid Translator


Infinite Fusion Calculator

Every Noise at Once - A bunch of music genres, good for finding music similar to artists you like

You Feel Like Shit - Something that can help if you need to work out negative emotions and feelings. Strongly recommended :)

GeoCites Sites

OoCities - GeoCities archive

What's up in my world?

Noise pollution


You are... the Cheater!




Sphinx's Pokemon Page


PoKeMoN DaRk


Pokemon Laboratory



(Research Report)


BiT-BiT: Tonos de moviles



(Cat Magic Bell Production Company)

System Analysis & Design



(Kenshin Group)

(A woman and a man, a couple, points)

Lily - mild flashing warning

T o N i G h T

Welcome to My Palace

tobylovestar - Cute but the main link is broken


Sailor Moon Institute - Your #1 Source for Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon!

Anime Girls Wallpapers - NSFW but not explicit, here for the archive

(Please Advise) - Anime fansite

Anime Central - Anime gifs

*`.:Operation Anime 3000:.`*

[ :: Blinktastic Blinkies :: ]

(Project on the Pythagorean theorem)

Suketchi's Sketches!


//_Fallen Goddes | Kuri-chan's Homepage

* The names in parentheses are translated and might not be accurate, sorry